7 Best Replacement Battery for Galaxy s5 Mobile

Best Samsung s5 Battery

The best Samsung s5 Battery is a high-quality lithium-Ion battery. It is designed specially to deliver the most reliable and long-lasting power, Additional power when you need it. The best battery for Samsung galaxy s5 is listed below:

Best Replacement Battery for Samsung galaxy s5

For the best battery for Samsung galaxy s5, Chinese replacement is life-threatening. The genuine Samsung batteries are highly efficient because they provide about 95% of the rated mAh value in the long run, while off-brand products can only offer 60% efficiency, or even less. Nowadays, It is almost impossible to find genuine Galaxy S5 batteriessince they are no longer manufactured by Samsung.

Keep in mind that the best genuine replacement battery for galaxy s5 is rather expensive,  but cheap replacement batteries don’t only have a short lifetime, they really are very dangerous.


Comparison of Best Galaxy s5 Battery

Name and Features Best For Depth
1. Samsung Battery You can buy it 0.2 inches
2. Anker Battery The longest lifetime for OEM 0.2 inches
3. Acevan Battery Safest (out of the worst) OEM battery 0.2 inches
4. JUBOTY UPG. Battery The best reliability and capacity balance 1.1 inches
5. impossible Battery Best capacity after purchase 1.1 inches
6. X-Power Battery Also good capacity + not heated 1.1 inches
7. DAXTROMN Battery 0.59 inches
8. MAXBEAR Battery 0.2 inches
9. JUBOTY Battery 0.45 inches
10. PowerBear Battery 0.2 inches

Samsung Galaxy S5: Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of just to give you access to the battery unit. Galaxy s5 battery is 2,800 mAh, 10.78Wh brick, up from 2,600mAh in the Galaxy S4.As a secondary test, we set the Galaxy S5 to play a video in medium brightness from a full charge until the phone switched itself off. The phone lasts for 11 hours when playing an SD-quality video. The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers two power-saving battery modes. The first one is Power Saving and the other is Ultra Power Saving.

Best extended battery for galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with the “Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Batteries” to make it convenient for the phone lovers to enjoy the features without any interruption.

Here are some of the best “Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Batteries” that serve with high efficiency. These batteries deliver the optimum performance by extending the lifetime of the battery.

1. PowerBear 7800mAh


  • PowerBear can drastically increase the power capacity of the battery.
  • It comes with a capacity of 275%.
  • Easy to replace with the existing battery.
  • The battery contains A+ cell
  • Protect the phone from overheating


  • It takes a long time to recharge.
  • Does not support water resistance design

2. IBESTWIN upgraded 2800 mAh


·         The “A” grade cells provide additional protection to the battery.

·         Provide high strength by extending battery life.

·         Compatible for another Galaxy model as well.

·         The microchips protect the overheating of the phone.


·         Recharge slowly.

·         It has similar features but does not offer the same functionality.

3. RAV Power Replacement for Galaxy s5


·         The 2800 mAh capacity provides excellent strength to the phone.

  • Maintains the longevity of the battery by extending the battery’s life.
  • A certified battery to maximize the performance of the phone.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty from Amazon.



  • It does not provide longevity to the battery for more than 16 hours.
  • The recharging takes a longer time.
  • Undercharge and overcharge contribute to quick damage.
  • Drains quickly.

4. Li-ion replacement 300 mAh


·         The 3300 mAh battery is compatible with other models as well.

·         Gives higher power capacity and excellent strength.

·         Increase the optimal performance of the phone efficiently.


·         Require a complete discharge for maintaining the longevity of the battery’s life.

·         Power-draining apps consume more of it

5. Extended JUBOTY  6400 mAh


·         Provides two times more power than the standard battery

·         Highly compatible and provides excellent strength to the phone.

·         It provides complete safety.

·         Easy to fix.

·         High-quality cells retain battery life and performance.


·         It’s capacity lessen with time.

·         It does not provide complete protection without back cover.

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Replacement Batteries

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery (2800mAh)

This the authentic battery replacement for Galaxy S5 from Samsung, the most reliable and effective spare part you can get, so I sincerely recommend you buy it despite the high price.The fact that this battery is the best is understandable. We’ll begin with coupons and visit Samsung’s official site. How long should the battery last?

·         Using 3G internet – 10 hours

·         Listening to MP3s – 18 hours

·         Using Wi-Fi – 10 hours

·         Playing an SD-quality video – 9 hours

·         Using NFS chip – Yes


1.       Grade A+ cells guarantee quick charging and good longevity;

2.       Comes with a carrying case;

3.       Compatible with NFC;

4.       Can be charged separately from the smartphone;

5.       It provides over 500 charge cycles.


1.       There are many counterfeits of this product;

2.       The high price ofthe original item.

2. Galaxy S5 Li-ion Battery from Anker (2800 mAh)

Samsung Galaxy S5 replacement battery has exactly the same characteristics as the original spare part. The product fits the smartphone perfectly, so it can be together with the original back cover. It is the best option for third-party manufacturers in terms of efficiency and assembly quality. This replacement battery comes with certified Grade A cells that guarantee up to 500 charge cycles. Built-in chip, the device is fully protected from overcharging and overheating.

1.       Using 3G internet – 9 hours

2.       Listening to MP3s – 18 hours

3.       Using Wi-Fi – 10 hours

4.       Playing an SD-quality video – 8 hours

5.       Using NFS chip – No


1.       Cheaper than the OEM battery;

2.       18-month warranty;

3.       It has the same specs as the original product.


1.       Not compatible with either NFC or Google Wallet;

2.       The product is discontinued by the manufacturer, so it is hard to find it.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Replacement Battery from iPosible with NFC (8800 mAh)

It is a  new battery with the highest capacity, It delivers 8800 mAh of power which is enough for over 100 hours of usage. The battery is very thick and heavy,your Samsung Galaxy S5 will start to weigh significantly more. This replacement battery allows you to use NFC features of the smartphones. It also has protection from overheating and overcharging. You can use your original cable to charge the iPosible battery. Note that it is longer than normal to recharge due to increased capacity.

  • Using 3G internet – 24 hours
  • Listening to MP3s – 49 hours
  • Using Wi-Fi – 26 hours
  • Playing an SD-quality video – 21 hours
  • Using NFS chip – Yes


  1. Has a built-in NFC chip;
  2. Very high capacity;
  3. Protected from short-circuiting, overcharging, and overheating;
  4. 18-month warranty.


  1. The protective case actually functions as a back cover and it doesn’t seem sturdy at all;
  2. The battery is very thick and heavy.
  3. The battery starts to quickly discharge after 3 months of usage.

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