Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Does men do yoga is a question I frequently come across on the web that makes me marvel at the query every time I read it. It is a practice and routine that has been into use by both men and women who have yielded various health and wellness benefits from the countless benefits that the practice has to offer.

It’s proven to aid in both physical and mental health which explains its popularity among both genders and all the age groups.

Men doing yoga goes a long way back since it was invented by men in India and designed exclusively for men but thanks to mass media exercises, practicing yoga is not limited to a gender anymore.

Yoga benefits for men

Everyone that practices yoga has the world to gain irrespective of their gender. Let’s take a quick look at some benefits that men specifically can gain from doing yoga consistently:

  1. It helps build strength. Unlike traditional weight resistance training, yoga helps you build strength from within by using your own body weight.
  2. It gives you time to recover and nourish the aching muscles from previous workouts.
  3. It ensures fitness for the entire body.
  4. It helps you release tension and relieves stress.
  5. The breathing exercises practiced in yoga helps in dealing with frustration and aggression.
  6. It also helps build attention and focus.
  7. It helps clear out negative thoughts.
  8. It increases range of motion.
  9. It improves breathing.
  10. It provides active rest.

Weight loss yoga for men

It’s a known fact that yoga does aid in weight loss irrespective of the gender but the important thing to remember here is that it is not magic at the end of the day; other factors such as portion control, cutting down on sugar, soda and junk food. In any case, yoga does help boost metabolism and also helps tone muscles.

Does yoga make you flexible

There are different kinds of yoga that serve different purposes. Some get your heart rate up and make you break a sweat while other requires holding your breath in for a few moments for relaxation purposes.

Does yoga make you flexible?

Yoga is known and proven to make you flexible provided that you practice it frequently no matter which gender group you belong to. However, there is a misconception among men who assume flexibility is a prerequisite to practice yoga which is incorrect. In fact, flexibility is the outcome of doing yoga; there literally isn’t any condition one has to fulfill in order to practice yoga.

benefits of yoga for men

So, if someone asks you: is yoga good for men? I’m sure you will have a lot to tell them about after reading this article that will work just as well for myth busting purpose too.

You will notice that male yoga bodies are toned with minimum visibility of body fat around it which is yet another outcome of practicing yoga. I hope that by learning the benefits of yoga for men you will be able to drag yourself to a nearest yoga studio or in case your city is facing a lockdown due to the pandemic situation, you could still sign up for virtual classes to practice yoga and enlighten your male friends about its benefits because some out there need to be told that real men do yoga.