Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Best basketball shoes for wide feet 2022 is one of the key products that are in demand this year with people searching for such a pair that would fulfill all their needs and requirements of the particular outline of their feet. Being someone who has wide feet I can assure you it’s one of the most difficult tasks to find a suitable pair for my wide feet depending on the purpose of needing them.

best basketball shoes for flat and wide feet 2021

Especially when it comes to a sport that requires you to be on your feet constantly, like basketball does, as much as it is a necessity it is also quite hard to find a pair that answers all your questions and satisfies you.

If you came here with such an inquiry then you’re in luck because I am about to make this process a lot easier and convenient for you. Just keep on reading for the enlightenment.

Best Basketball Shoes 2022

Before I go into the details let’s first discuss the features you wouldn’t want to miss out on while buying a suitable part of wide basketball shoes.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

You might want to ask what kind of shoes will fit the criteria you must have in order to pursue your passion of participating in the sport; I have compiled a list of features that are necessary for you to pay close attention to before buying yourself a pair.

best basketball shoes for flat and wide feet

Some people don’t understand it but it’s true that the right pair for you can only be chosen while keeping into consideration your capabilities as a player, that is, if you are not a shoe collector but an actual athlete. With that being said, the position you play in is an equally important point to consider as different positions demand different movements.

Sports-specific shoes are usually pricey as compared to most ordinary shoes, so a guideline on all the possible characteristics a shoe must have to assure quality performance on the basketball court is very important as it can save you from wasting your hard earned money on worthless shoes. Let’s get right into it!

White Low Top Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a sport centered around speed, agility, hops, jumping, and flashy movements that are only possible with the perfect pair!

White low top basketball shoes

It goes without saying that sports-specific shoes are manufactured while keeping in consideration the requirement of the said sport. Similarly, basketball shoes are specifically designed according to the intensity of the sport with close attention to the needs of the player given that they require to jump, run, start and stop constantly. Needless to say, fashion trends are being followed as closely and attentively as the comfort and performance of the feet who will wear those shoes.

What to look for when buying basketball shoes

What to look for when buying basketball shoes:

You need a pair of shoes that is designed to act as shock absorber while also provide ankle stability and the flexibility needed to allow the layer from moving laterally with ease and finesse.

  1. The Ankle Collar: There are three types namely, high ankle corner, mid ankle collar and low ankle collar. What kind of ankle collar will suit you will depend on the position you play in.
  2. Cushioning: Cushioning inside any shoes is one of the most important aspect with respect to the comfort for the feet as it is the backbone of any pair that helps achieve a comfortable fit and usage of shoes. Height and bounce of the cushion are other important features when it comes to cushioning.
  3. Traction: Simply put, it is the bottom of the shoe that grips the floor and allows you the liberty to move about freely.
  4. Material: Basketball shoes are composed of synthetic leather, natural leather or canvas. Natural leather used to be the go-to choice for most people back in the day but synthetic leather has taken over as it provides breathability, durability, flexibility and stability. They are lightweight too. Another quality that is much sought after now.
  5. Proper Size: Whichever brand you opt for, if you don’t buy the proper shoe size the blisters and constant stress on your ankles, toes and overall feet will only come in the way of your performance.
  6. Rubber Sole: Another important part that you can’t overlook is the rubber sole especially in extra wide basketball shoes. Lack of durable rubber will lead to the deterioration of your shoes easily depending on the usage.
Bright colored basketball shoes

Tip: Cheap shoes are not always bad, if you look closely into the technology that has been used in the manufacturing of the shoes you’ll be able to make up your mind about it.

Bright Colored Basketball Shoes

Any color you’d like your shoe to be, there will always be a brand that has that color in store for you. Especially now when people have started to incorporate more bright and attractive colors into their style statement, the brands and manufacturers are always trying to outdo each other in order to win over customers that have a likeness for bright colored shoes. Low cut basketball shoes particularly look absolutely stunning!

Dark colored basketball shoes


In conclusion, you do need to consider the position you play in along with your skill level to determine the kind of basketball shoes that will be perfect for you. Don’t compromise on your style. For every brand that doesn’t have a stylish shoe as per your liking, there will always be ten other brands ready to cater to your desire and need. Same goes for the comfort of your feet and the requirement of the sport, in any case, there is no need for you to compromise on anything no matter how much the sales representative pressurizes you, at the end of the day it’s your money and you should be the one to determine how and where you would like to spend it. I sure hope this article pertaining to the guidelines required by you in the quest to buy either men’s wide width basketball shoes or women’s wide width basketball shoes.