Best Recycled Backpacks

Backpacks made from recycled materials used to sound like a far-fetched idea in the past. Thanks to the ever rising awareness about globalization and climate change, along with the knowledge consumers have acquired over the years regarding the benefits of using recycled goods and minimizing waste and the use of non-biodegradable products to help save the planet and its species.

It is the little things you can do to bring about big changes! Eco-friendly materials such as rubber, cork, bike tires, recycled nylon, plastic bottles are being used by responsible and sensible brands to help create a sustainable lifestyle by proving that great fashion backpacks don’t have to come at the animals’ expenses.

Recycled Backpacks

Ever wondered how are recycled backpacks any different from the regular ones? In case you didn’t know, regular backpacks are typically made up of polyester, which is a petroleum-based fabric. Not only is it heavily pollutive to produce but it also sheds microplastics into waterways when it’s thrown away or is washed or when it wears out. While, recycled plastics, recycled leather and cotton canvas are some of the eco-friendly materials used in the making of recycled material backpacks.

Recycled Backpacks

Gone are the days when bags made out of recycled materials meant cheap-looking, bland, boring accessories that you would prefer to do without; but with the conscious thought processes of the masses evolving, the responsible authorities have turned everything around when it comes to sustainable fashion whose manufacturing is now given as much thought as the subject of ceasing to bring harm to natural ways of our planet.  

Ethically Made Backpacks

When I say ethically made stuff, I mean the workers work on wages worthy of their hard work, skills, efforts and talent rather than getting underpaid even for producing for mass manufacturing companies without any sense of self value or any healthcare benefits which is simply unacceptable!

Ethically Made Backpacks

Incorporating an eco friendly backpack in your overall style can help you choose sustainability over carelessness. In case you don’t know what to look for in an eco-friendly backpack, just sit back because I have got you covered.

Read on to find it out!

  1. Durability and sustainability: Without a question, these two qualities are a must to have when shopping for daily use products.
  2. Source of material: It is important to know whether the back pack you are about to buy is sourced from natural sources, recycled or sustainably-sourced resources.
  3. Your need: Your own specific needs for which you need a back pack for have to be considered before buying one.
  4. Transparency and fair wages: It is criminal to overwork artisans without even paying them fair pay wages according to their skills and expertise.
  5. Timelessness: Will you be needing the back pack just for one outing? Living a sustainable lifestyle teaches you to buy minimal stuff but use them to their full potential and life span.

Sustainable fashion and outdoor gears such as a back pack is not fashionable anymore, they have become a necessity thanks to the ongoing pandemic that has taught us a thing or two about personal hygiene and care. So it’s important to know which companies are operating ethically and in a sustainable way, also figure out while they intend on improving if they are not already on the same page as others before buying a recycled back packs.