Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete Floors

Best shoes for walking on concrete floors have been long sought by professionals like academic teachers, professors, hospitality, retail, bank clerks and various professionals that come under the roof of “health”.

Speaking of which, since the outbreak occurred the world has not been the same in multiple aspects. People have started to differentiate clearly between their needs and wants thanks to persisting lockdowns almost everywhere. We have covered the about Best Shoes for Jumping Rope Women this has a great variety of shoe mention.

While most other professions have been affected by the whole Covid-19 situation in some ways, health care professionals all over the world have had it worse. From being constantly by the bed side of the ailing to regularly welcoming, though unpleasantly, new patients every few hours in a day.

The nature of their job relentlessly requires them to be on their toes all day whether, in ER or operating room, they barely get time for a breather. Considering that, one of the most important body parts they need to take care of is their feet that has to do all the walking, standing, climbing floors for them. In which case, their feet needs to be taken care of, in this article we will discuss such shoes in order to guide the relevant people on their quest to find the most suitable shoes.

Best shoes for standing all day

What you’re looking for is a pair that is designed to stand up to a lot of strain and stress throughout the day and no matter the profession. We often don’t think about investing on our hoes unless they start to hurt or hinder our walking that we start asking questions. Aside from

Best shoes for standing all day

Keypoints of shoes for standing all day

I will list down the characteristics / keypoints that you should be looking for when searching to buy such a pair for yourself.

  1. Wide toe box: Having a wide toe box in the shoes will help accommodate feet as they naturally expand throughout the day.
  2. Durable: Unless you’re working at a gig that will last only several months, the durability of your shoes should be promising to make the pair last for a long time.
  3. Lightweight construction: If your job requires you to stand all day then a pair of lightweight shoes will be your best friend that will prevent your feet from strain and stress throughout your working hours.
  4. Slip-resistant sole: It’s one of the most important characteristics that needs to be considered closely because no matter the nature of your job is you never know what mess awaits you at any time, so better safe than sorry.
  5. Arch and ankle support: The arch and ankle support should be top-notch check the Best shoes to wear after ankle surgery.
  6. Maintenance-friendly design: Working long hours can cause you to come in contact with dust, spilled liquid and other various things that can ruin the shoes, so it will be easier if they are designed in such a way that could be wiped clean whenever needed.
  7. Shock-absorbing outsoles: Safety must always come first. A slip and fall is very common when you require to move around frequently for long hours in a day which is why your shoes need to be shock-absorbing so that the impact of falling would not affect your feet.
  8. Breathability: The last thing you would want is to develop skin infections on your toes for walking or even standing for long hours. A pair of shoes that is constructed with breathable material will help you remain cool and also carry away moisture from your feet as water vapor. Because leaving sweat to build upon your feet is super unhealthy and can turn out to be dangerous for the health of your feet. So choose a pair that offers breathability along with ventilation for your feet.
  9. Cost effective: When you finally find the pair that fits into all the description, you might want to buy an additional one so the first one doesn’t get worn out easily; buy a pair that’s cost effective and will last you a while.

One important thing that I would like to discuss now that we are done discussing the characteristics you should be looking for in your pair of shoes is that consider keeping at least one pair of supportive shoes if you are going to be working long hours because a shoe’s cushioning becomes completely compressed after six hours or so and no longer offers support after completing that span of time, and that is when your extra pair will come in handy.

Best shoes for Walking on Concrete all day

The incessant hours of walking all day on concrete can affect various parts of our body since the body requires our feet to support our entire body weight that can strain the muscles of our back, neck and various joints.

Best shoes for walking on concrete all day

All that considered, a does-it-all pair of comfortable walking shoes seems to be in demand more than ever especially considering the urgency that Covid-19 has created all over the world. But what about the people who have flat feet? The most suitable shoes for them will be those that offer structure, support and stability.

While people with high arch feet will want more padding and cushioning inside their shoes to help make communing and working experience better for them.

What to avoid while buying shoes: Pointy, narrow and stiff toe boxes that will only make walking an uncomfortable experience, let alone walking on concrete all day long.

Best Women’s shoes for Walking on Concrete

Best women’s shoes for walking on concrete

When it comes to women, the style statement is one thing they pay a lot of attention to but it goes without saying that when choosing a suitable pair of shoes for walking on concrete floor, the kind like crocs, sandals, flip flops, high heels or ballet flats are a straight no; that is if you care about the health of your feet.

You don’t need to stockpile on your favourite shoes, just buy new fresh ones as needed. While finding the right size that fits your feet can be a challenge, you need to remember that the choices are endless in the footwear industry.