Best Tan Tap Shoes for Toddlers

Toddler boy or girl tap shoes have never been easier to find given the widespread love for dancing and the mere feeling of freedom that dance carries no matter where you are dancing is contagious; almost like a disease that once you contract your body can’t get rid of so easily.

Toddler boy or girl tap shoes

In some parts of the world, tap dancing is more common than in others; you can get the sense of their popularity by the fact that tap dancers refer to themselves as musicians while their tap shoes are supposed to be their musical instruments. For this very passion, they start the dance training from a very age, just like in sports or any other skill that requires training from a very young age.

Like how a guitarist or a drummer would want to choose the best possible instrument to enhance their skill and performance; likewise, you ought to be looking for the best tap shoes for toddlers to get started on the tap dancing journey.

Some time ago a story surfaced of a dedicated mother who glued pennies underneath her kid’s shoes to make do for tap shoes that she probably could not afford but what a brilliant idea that is if someone intends to get the job done in an inexpensive way. So break a leg, not the bank!

Tan tap shoes for toddlers

Tap shoes are quite alike jazz shoes with just different bottom. Their sole is firm and heel is thick. There are many factors to consider while in search of tap shoes but one of the important features is the plate and its size.

best tan tap shoes for toddlar

Others include; material, heel size, sole, size, flexible design, fastenings, durability, lightweight, slip resistant heel, soft and supple to make dancing as smooth as it possibly be made in order for your toddler to have the best experience. Though when it comes to the material, tap shoes are mostly made of either leather, rubber, canvas, or polyurethane (PU) but make sure to opt for premium material that promises durability.

The plate or tap is made up of metal and is attached underneath the toe and heel. When it comes to different types of tap shoes it simply depends on the style of dance you would want your toddler to train in before making up your mind about a particular pair of tap shoes. It goes without saying that the choices and variety are endless most of which mostly depends on the amount of money you would be ready to invest.

Black tap shoes for toddlers

If you are specifically looking for a black colored pair for your toddler then your query gets answered right here. You don’t have to go anywhere else looking for it. What you will be required to do would be to consider all the features of the pair before finally buying one.

best black toddler tap shoes is

Finding the best toddler tap shoes is no longer a daunting task, I have attempted to make it easier for you to save your time and money but you will need to pay close attention to the guidelines with which you will find this article full of. You can thank me later.

If you are looking for toddler white tap shoes, you are still at the right place. White is a classic color much like black though both have contrasting nature and character, it will be best to leave the choice up to either your toddler or yourself, whichever option is more feasible. Tap shoes are so much fun to wear because of the sound they make so make sure whatever you decide to do, just don’t take the magic away from your toddler.

Black tap shoes for toddlers

Personally when it comes to the type of tap shoes, I would suggest you to go for oxford style shoes for your toddlers which has a firm sole, lace-up closure, low heels, solid sole with the taps attached by three screws. Though if you are looking for variety then, Velcro tap shoes for toddlers and Capezio toddler tap shoes are just as decent options to consider.

Several other features to look for:

  1. Double stitched leather sole.
  2. Full grain leather upper.
  3. Stacked leather heel.
  4. Strong toe box.
  5. Comfortable Achilles notch.
  6. Split sole suede elasticized sock lining that provides flexibility.
  7. Comfortable foam padded tongue and collar.
  8. Preferably suede sole.
  9. Leather buckle.
  10. Modern Y strap.
  11. Flexible outsole.
  12. Moisture absorbing microfiber lining.
  13. Padded heels to absorb shocks.
  14. Non-skid rubber pads.
  15. PVC heel for improved stability and shock absorption.
  16. Strong, responsive neoprene wraps completely under the arch for total stretch.
Tan tap shoes for toddlers

Tip: In case you find it difficult to find the right size, go for a smaller one because tap shoes should always fit snugly with barely any space in the toe box for better shock absorption and sound quality. Try on a pair to test it out, do a few dance moves to make sure they are not hurting your feet because they are supposed to do the exact opposite, which is keep them from hurting.


One word of advice, opt for a pair of leather tap shoe over those made up of synthetic materials. And now to sum up this article, let me just say that it is encouraging to see parents and/or guardians of children actually keen to develop, enhance, polish whichever skill they think best suits their toddler.

best toddler girl tap shoes

Not only will it keep their health in check by engaging in a fun physical activity but also give them a chance to express themselves more freely as they start to indulge in the activity and develop a likeness for it. You can work on its longevity by taking good care of them, most of which will depend on the style of dance and how often it is used. That being said, in this article, you will be sure to find the necessary instructions that will help you with your query of buying the best toddler girl tap shoes.