Comfortable Shoes to Wear after Foot Surgery

Best footwear after a broken ankle might be the most sought after product in the world of sports given the probability of occurrence of foot injuries during the play. But, it is, by no means, limited to the world of sports; anyone that moves about frequently and for hours during the day develop a likeliness of meeting such fate, provided, they don’t pay attention to their surroundings and the health of their feet.

Human’s feet are possibly the most used part of their body during a day, and you don’t have to go on long walks or jogs to prove that, but just by existing and running the usual errands of the day are enough evidence of it.

Of course nobody likes getting any part of their body hurt let alone the part they use the most in everyday life which is their feet. But to prevent your feet from getting injured or at least lessening the chances of getting injured,

There are a few things you need to look at closely to ensure that which are mentioned below:

  1. The footwear you wear on daily basis.
  2. The needs of your feet in terms of taking care of it.
  3. The health of your feet.
  4. The physical condition of your feet to see if there are any physical signs of a minor injury that we usually overlook until it gets worse and hinders the movement.
  5. The recovery time that will allow your feet to relax every night when you lie down to sleep because like other parts of a human body, your feet equally need adequate time to relax its muscles at the end of every single day.
  6. Gait analysis. It is something most people don’t even know what it is, but if someone has an abnormal gait such torsional deformities, femoral anteversion, femoral retroversion and the likes, then they should pay serious attention to it because an abnormal gait changes the whole game.

Understandably, nobody appreciates or would even prefer living in a room dealing with forced immobility of legs, but to prevent that you will need to keep an eye on the following precautions:

  1. Always wear slip-resistant footwear no matter where you are going or what you are doing and even more so if your body weight is more than your BMI.
  2. In case of high arch feet or flat feet, make sure the footwear you wear on a daily basis are especially designed for your kind of feet. It will save you from persisting pain in your toes.
  3. Watch your step. Now, some people do like to walk with their head held high but every now and then you should watch your step for any possible obstruction that might be in your way and is capable of causing you harm.
  4. Avoid walking in cluttered or obstructed areas or uneven walking surfaces.

What do you wear after Ankle Surgery?

Now comes the question regarding what to wear once you unfortunately get your ankle injured. Post ankle surgery demands some time for recovery. In order to manage your pain levels and make the recovery a smooth process, you will need to keep your ankle isolated and immobilized. Ideally you will be suggested to stay immobile while focusing on the recovery through RICE method, which stands for:

R: Rest. First and foremost post-surgery care includes rest time that your body part needs for recovery.

I: Ice. Ice application reduces the blood flow to the restricted area which in turn helps with swelling.

C: Compression. It’s important to get the bandage changed within due time as well as keeping it clean and dry.

E: Elevation. Keeping your ankle elevated for as long as possible will reduce blood flow to the affected part, not only will it reduce swelling but also help with the pain associated with recovery.

When can I wear Shoes after Ankle Surgery?

Ideally, you will be advised to walk with the help of a knee walker or crutches initially to keep the harm out of the way because accidentally bumping your ankle is a risk you wouldn’t want to be taking so soon after the surgery.

When can I wear shoes after ankle surgery

But after the recovery time has passed, you will definitely need adequate shoes to wear in order to move around and go about your daily life like before the surgery.

Only fewer kind of operations allow to wear footwear in as soon as 3 weeks but usually it takes about 8 weeks until proper footwear can be worn.

Best Shoes to Wear after Ankle Fusion

So what kind of shoes should you be looking for? To help you with this query, I will list down the characteristics a proper footwear will be required to have:

Best Shoes to Wear after Ankle Fusion
  1. Proper cushioning for the comfort of your feet is extremely important and an absolute requirement in order to keep the pain at bay.
  2. Rocker Sole is a crucial feature for post-surgery shoes that most people are unaware of, but unlike normal shoes, it helps to take some pressure off your feet.
  3. Material should be of premium quality to ensure you won’t need to invest on another pair anytime soon, also, for the comfort and longevity of your footwear.
  4. Shock Absorption is another extremely important feature.
  5. Arch/Ankle Support for different kinds of feet will be different so in order to make walking a comfortable experience, keep an eye on that.


In conclusion, you must first acknowledge the degree of your injury with the help of your surgeon and plan your recovery accordingly for which necessary steps will have to be taken to ensure proper recovery. Once you have passed the stage, you will need to find the most suitable pair of shoes that will prevent you from getting injured again or worsening the state of your injury.

In this article, I have compiled all the information you will likely need while on your quest to find the best comfortable shoes to wear after foot surgery.