How to Wash a Backpack

Can you wash a backpack is a query of everyone that likes to carry one whether for school, work or travel. And with constant use, there’s bound to be wear and tear and the dirt and dust won’t spare the backpack either so it’s important to know how you can help minimize that by taking care of your backpack efficiently.

Of course I’d advice to wipe the dirt or dust off your backpack after each use in order to keep the dirt from building up. But say it’s become way too dirty to put to use or even look at. Then what? You will need to know how to wash a backpack jansport.

When it comes to backpacks, you can’t just treat them like clothes and put into the washing machine. Depending on the material the backpack is made up of, I’ll be happy to help you in showing how to wash backpacks without ruining them.

How to clean a Backpack:

It’s important to remember to read the washing instructions printed on the label so as to know how to wash a backpack north face.

how to wash a backpack
  1. The first step will always be to empty your backpack from the biggest to the tiniest compartment to make sure it’s absolutely empty.
  2. Fill a bucket or basin with lukewarm water into which you’ll add a small amount of gentle detergent that won’t be too harsh for the bag. Remember not to pour hot water as it can cause the color of your backpack to go bad.
  3. Scrub your backpack with a cloth or a soft brush. Use a toothbrush if you have to, to clean out the dirt collected in the small areas of the bag.
  4. Hang the backpack upside down and allow it to dry naturally. And make sure it’s 100% dry before finally using it again.

When it comes to drying the backpack, remember not to put the backpack into the dryer ever, no matter what, as it can cause irreversible damage to it.

How to wash a backpack in washing machine

How to wash a backpack in washing machine
  1. As usual, no matter how you are going to wash your backpack always make sure that it is empty and unzipped. If possible put your backpack in a laundry bag as it keeps the strands from getting caught and damaging them during washing.
  2. Add a small amount of a gentle detergent that is backpack-friendly. Avoid using a harsh detergent and fabric softener.
  3. Wash it on the gentle cycle in cold water and make sure not to wash it over a long period of time. Keep checking from time to time to see if it is cleaned properly.
  4. Take the backpack out of the laundry bag and allow it to dry naturally. Make sure to keep it away from direct heat as it can cause damage to the backpack.

It’s advisable to keep the backpack clean on a daily basis in order to delay washing it because depending on the region you live in and how the weather is there usually, it can be a pain to dry the backpack naturally. In any case I hope this guide will help you with your query of how to wash a backpack.