Best Women’s Dressy Sneakers for Work

Business casual sneakers have not been around for a very long time but they are taking up more and more space each day in not just our wardrobes but also during work with the constant growth of more relaxed and laid-back workplaces in the USA.

Only some time ago it would not have been possible to link ‘business’ to ‘casual’ but now these two words go hand in hand. These days anyone can get away with wearing business casual shoes at work with dress codes at work getting more and more relaxed. Sneakers are the perfect rotation shoes that you could pair with not just a professional look but also can be worn during fun or laid-back weekends.

Women's Dressy Sneakers for Work

Due to Covid-19, it seems like the workplaces will never be the same with most people currently homebound for indefinite time depending on how they country and city they reside in are dealing with the on-going pandemic. With that in mind, it’s important to also note that you don’t want to go for overkill, rather stick with something that won’t become the talk around the water dispenser but will also do the job for you. Not all kinds of sneakers are funky or have “gym” written all over them so even if your workplace has strict rules about dress code, you can still wear sneakers but after an extensive research for which I am going to assist you today. So keep on reading!

Dressy sneakers for work womens

We all know that sneakers are the epitome of casual shoes and in my humble opinion, comfort should never be compromised for fashion. If you try hard enough you can have both comfort and style.

dressy sneakers for work womens

Remember when it used to be considered blasphemous to wear a pair of those at work until recently? for they were originally created to be worn at the gym or sports field. Business casual does not mean you can dress casual, it just means you can do without wearing a suit and tie. And when choosing business casual sneakers, always go for a modern design and a pair that is constructed with quality materials because only then it can make the heads turn whether in the break room or on the street, basically anywhere.

Sneakers that have a neutral color scheme, sleeker soles, minimalist designs and are made up of rich, premium materials are much easier to dress up.

To help you choose what works best for you, I’m listing down below some styles of business casual sneakers:

  1. Lace Up sneakers
  2. Low Top sneakers
  3. High Top sneakers
  4. Slip On sneakers

Pro Tip: When dressing up for work, always wear sneakers under a well-tailored suit. The more baggy your outfit will be the more casual the sneaker will look and you wouldn’t want that at work.

Dressy Sneakers for Women’s

Perhaps, your achy feet during a social gathering or work event compelled you to think “Why can’t they make dressy sneakers?” just know that you’re not alone. We have all been there at some point in our life trying to get through an event with sore feet. Now that is one extreme sport. Don’t worry, the footwear industry has got you now!

Dressy sneakers womens

When you talk about “dressy” sneakers it’s important to know what you are really talking about. Basically they have all the comfort and requirement of athletic shoes but their aesthetic aspects are those of formal ones that can be paired with any relevant outfits either for work, social gathering, outings or to some extent, eve weddings! Just know that only when styled thoughtfully, many comfortable sneakers can pass for dressy ones so don’t try to go for overkill where it isn’t needed.

best sneakers for work

Let’s take a look at the characteristics you should be looking for in dressy shoes:

  1. Non-slip sole: slip resistant shoes go a long way especially when you are supposed or requirement to be on your toes for hours.
  2. Breathability: Breathable material help prevent moisture from building up inside your shoes and in your toes which can lead to various infections and is extremely unhygienic. Good ventilation is vital no matter what footwear you choose to wear while heading out.
  3. Material: When your footwear is made up of rich, premium material it doesn’t have to try hard to impress anyone. The quality of the material is usually showing.
  4. Cushioning: Cushioning or padded in soles are important to support your feet while making walking or standing a comfortable experience.
  5. Color scheme: Neutral color scheme is always preferred.
  6. Water-resistant: While it usually depends on the material, water-resistant sneakers can help you get by a rainy day.
  7. Low-maintenance: Now that is one quality that is extremely sought after. People no longer have the time or energy to spend hours cleaning only a pair of sneakers so a low-maintenance one will save you the headache of cleaning your shoes.
  8. Flexibility: It is hard you overlook the level of flexibility a pair of footwear offers you especially if you are required to walk or stand for hours. To make those experiences comfortable, flexibility of your sneakers will have to be good enough.
  9. Lightweight: Don’t tell me anyone would mind walking on clouds all day every day, not me at least.
  10. Functionality: You would want to invest on a pair that is highly functional, which can be worn on multiple occasions regardless of the dress code of the event.
  11. Cost effective: Let’s be real, the trend of business casual sneakers is not going anywhere at least for a while, and what will be better than buying a pair that is cost effective and will last me some years?
  12. Perfect fit: Don’t settle for a shoes that ticks all the boxes but doesn’t fit your feet perfectly. It will only lead you to not wear them.
dressy sneakers for wedding

With that, allow me to conclude the article. I sincerely hope I have succeeded in assisting you on your quest to purchase fancy sneakers for women.