Best Waterproof Shoes for Men

Best waterproof shoes for men can be your life saver on days when the weather decides to welcome you with shower in the AM while you are leaving for work or on your way to run an errand because the last thing you would want is to walk with wet and soggy shoes after accidentally stepping on a puddle.

black high top shoes

Generally, weather can be so unpredictably predictable depending on your geographical location so it is wise to keep yourself equipped with the necessary precautions that you might need in order to go about your usual business without any such unwelcoming hindrances every day. However, the weather is not the only factor that demands you to wear waterproof shoes, it can be the area you live, the job you work or your lifestyle.

Waterproof sneakers men

Waterproof sneakers men

Waterproof sneakers men usually associate with dull-looking, bland kind of shoes but they don’t have to be any of it. In fact, the fashion industry and the relevant authorities that design footwear for your comfort and convenience pay as much attention to the fashion trends as to your personal needs and preference. Now, not all brands that claim they sell waterproof shoes actually do, hence there is a risk of getting scammed since they’re quite pricey as it is, so what if I tell you some ways you can tell if your shoes really are waterproof? That will probably save you the money you’d be willing to spend on junk.

How to know if a shoe is waterproof

How to know if a shoe is waterproof?

I, for one have always wondered how a shoe can prevent water from seeping in. If you did too, keep on reading because I’m about to make it very easy for you to know whether a footwear is waterproof as the brand claims it to be.

  1. Inspecting shoe quality. You can tell a lot about a shoe by examining it properly. For instance, when you want to buy waterproof shoes you ought to check whether it has a thick lining that will make you feel like it’s the cushioning inside of the shoe.
  2. Waterproof rubber: Generally waterproof shoes have waterproof rubbers on the lower half of the shoe. Even though there will be rubber in toe and heel section but the top of the shoe will have the standard look though it is fairly easy to distinguish between an ordinary shoe and a waterproof one.
  3. Tongues with extra seams on each side. It’s one way to tell whether a shoe is waterproof which helps to protect your feet from water.
  4. Membrane. It is a technology that helps to prevent water from seeping inside your shoes allowing you to have dry feet even during harsh weather conditions.
  5. Gore-tex. Anyone that obsesses over the manufacture or use of waterproof shoes will most likely know what it is. For those who don’t know, it’s a sort of material that contains a huge number of microscopic pores that offers not just protection but also breathability for your shoes.
  6. Synthetic leather. Now a brand might lure you into buying pure leather waterproof shoes but always remember that natural leather tends to deteriorate overtime and not just that, it also demands to be taken care of very seriously, which is why people started opting for synthetic leather shoes due to its sustainability and low maintenance feature.
  7. Neoprene. It is a man-made alternative to rubber which is mostly used in swim wears for its water-resistant quality. Most brands use neoprene to make rubber boots for mild physical activities.

But what if I tell you could also turn your ordinary shoe into waterproof all by yourself? Doesn’t that sound nice for those who don’t want to invest a certain sum of money on waterproof shoes yet?

Waterproof shoescan be readied at homes, you best believe! All you got to do is grab that waterproof spray which is cheap, easy to use and easily available at any store. But you’ll need to follow the instructions closely in order to attain the desired results.

Another way you can turn an ordinary shoe into waterproof is by scrubbing a water-based wax or cream on your shoe; not only will it restore its health but also prevent water from going in as well as increase the durability of the shoes. Do it to believe it!

What are the best waterproof shoes

What are the best waterproof shoes?

I thought you might ask this. Well, to help with this query I will simply list down below some kinds of waterproof shoes. It will help you figure out which one fulfills your needs and preference.

  1. Rain boots. Usually those that live in areas that experience a lot of rainfall throughout most part of the year will want to consider buying this kind of shoes.
  2. High top shoes. Black high top shoes is my personal preference. In case you didn’t know these kind of shoes offer high protection to the top of your feet.
  3. Duck boots. For when you need protection from all kinds of wet environment.
  4. Rainy sneakers. For those that can’t process without fashion.
  5. Overshoes. These shoes are worn on top of the normal shoes to protect them from rainwater.
orange and blue under armour shoes

Personally, orange and blue under armour shoes and navy blue under armour shoes stand out the most in terms of their quality, versatility, durability and cost effectiveness which make them one of the best shoes for surgeons too.


Your new pair of suitable and convenient waterproof shoes that completes all your requirements and fulfils all your needs might be around the corner for you, what you need to do is pay attention to the details. In conclusion, before investing in the pair of waterproof shoes that you think may work for you, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed in order to ensure that happening and to make the most of your purchase. I hope that you will find this article useful in your quest to find the best waterproof shoes for walking.