What Does Red Bottom Shoes Mean

Red bottom shoes for ladies indicate more than a common person comprehends. It indicates a higher class, status and a unique taste in fashion and it goes without saying that not everyone can afford the luxury of owning that kind of pair unless you boast of exceptionally high income, or are a public figure that is still in demand no matter the niche of your popularity.

What is the meaning of red bottom shoes?

Now, when it comes to apparels or accessories we like to think that because they are uniquely designed, they carry a different meaning. And it is true in most cases, unless they are an outcome of a fortunate accident which was the case with red sole shoes.

Are red bottoms comfortable

Mostly, they symbolize luxury. The story of their coming into being is a funny one. Once the designer was brought a prototype of Andy Warhol’s “flowers” who found it a bit dull for his liking and appeal, coincidentally an assistant nearby was painting her nails red. That’s where the designer acquired the Nail Lacquers and painted the soles of the prototype shoes red and it immediately struck him that that is what was missing. And so came into being red soles.

Are red bottoms comfortable?

People who can’t afford to buy themselves a pair yet, or those who have decided to make sure they really want to spend a handsome sum on a pair of shoes have the same question; they need to know if the luxurious shoes even provide the comfort sought by literally everyone.

Just don’t let the looks deceive you. They may look like the most fashionable pair of heels you could own but besides being extremely expensive they are also uncomfortable for the feet.

To answer the question simply, no. the red bottoms are not meant to be comfortable. They are just meant to enhance your appearance, make you look classy. The designer is famously called the creator of painful shoes as he famously said: “high heels are pleasure with pain”. That tells you a lot about the comfort level the designer considers while making these shoes.

What do red bottom shoes look like?

Simply put, they are the hottest looking pair of heels that a designer could have produced. The red sole add so much appeal to the overall look of the shoes that consumers are ready to avoid the pain of walking in those luxury shoes that does not even provide any comfort for the feet.

It is due to the red sole feature that the shoes advertise themselves.

I hope the article will help you understand what does red bottom shoes mean, and helped clear out any other queries you might have had before coming here. We are commonly led to believe that if we are paying a high price to acquire a product or service, then we have the right to expect the best results possible which, unfortunately, in this case, doesn’t work and yet we see people splurging on it only because they want to and they can.

Surely with this guide’s help, you will be able to make up your mind about whether you would or would not want to invest in red bottom shoes for women.