What are the Best Shoes for Parkour

Shoes for parkour can be a bit of a task to find especially when you consider that due to the challenges in poses, only a number of companies manufacture such shoes. So the pool of options isn’t as vast as you would like but there are many great options to pick from according to the size and shape of your feet.

Interestingly, for a physical activity that started off as a recreational activity has gained considerable popularity over the years. So much so that competitions are being held in some parts of the world to determine who’s the best at parkour.

So if you are starting out with parkour and are wondering what are the best shoes for parkour you have come at the right place! Keep reading to find out what’s a hit and what’s a miss when it comes to best parkour shoes.

What shoes are good for parkour

If we talk about some qualities that are absolutely necessary in the most suitable shoes for this activity then they are as follows:

  1. Overall durability.
  2. Superb absorption
  3. Lightweight
  4. Solid arch support
  5. Budget friendly
  6. Breathable design
  7. Optimized natural flex

As for colors, you will have choices to pick your favorite from so no need to worry about that!

I hope through this article you found the help and guidance you were looking for before buying yourself a suitable pair of the best parkour shoes.

High top parkour shoes are what you are looking for. You might think any type of shoes will work for parkour but you couldn’t be more wrong about it. Ask yourself if you’d play football wearing tennis shoes or go hiking wearing football shoes. There is a good reason behind specialized shoes that meets the requirements and demands of physical activity.

Parkour free running shoes

When it comes to parkour, specific shoes are as important to a parkour enthusiast as a skateboard is to a skater. That’s how much importance sport specific shoes hold if you are willing to get good at it.

Parkour shoes cheaply only have to have three important must-have qualities in case you are wondering. Those are as follows:

  1. Stability
  2. Support
  3. Grip
Best shoes for free running parkour

Though your shoe will mainly depend on the type of parkour you enjoy or intend to partake in.

Best shoes for free running parkour

One thing about parkour is that it is an extreme sport so you will be required to pay as much attention to it as you would to any other sport if you are to enjoy it to the fullest.

Best shoes for free running parkour

The right size, sole, and comfort level in any shoes is the most important aspect of shoe shopping that you will need to pay attention to in order to use your savings on the right thing instead of taking an unnecessary chance which I am here to help you avoid provided that you take the guidelines I have carefully curated for you while shoe shopping.

So those were some essential points and guidelines that will hopefully help clear any queries you might have come here looking to be answered and will definitely help you find for yourself the best free running shoes.